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At ecoanswers we're committed to helping you save money and save the environment. Our unique tools help you find the best way to save whether it's loft insulation, light bulbs for your home, or comparing green gas and electricity prices.

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Want to save money on the increasing costs of fuel? This site provides clear and independent information to car buyers about the most environmentally-friendly cars to buy.

View the greenest cars by category so you can find a car that will cost you least at the pumps and will have least environmental impact, but will be most suitable for you – and your budget.

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No matter what style of home you live in, there are many ways to save energy and water and reduce waste in and around your house, and by making simple changes to the way we live and the things we buy for our homes will have a positive impact. If you’re building or renovating, there are even more sustainable options available to you.

Our helpful guides make it easy to reduce your household waste with some forward planning and knowing where you can reuse or recycle many household items.

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  • Paper High is a Fair Trade company partnered by Mark Woolley and Claire Gibson. It all started in 2001 with an unexpected stay in Kathmandu, Nepal. This led us to discover a small shop, a lovely family and some great handmade paper. Our next destination was India where, again, we met another family who now supply us with our Sari and leather books. In early 2002 whilst visiting Sri Lanka we came across the ultimate in recycling, elephant dung paper!

  • Ecofys has a clear mission: a sustainable energy supply for everyone. This is the goal that everyone in our company believes in and strives for. In a company that is a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency, knowledge and innovation are key factors in turning the ideas of today into the viable realities of tomorrow. Established in 1984, Ecofys specialises in energy saving and renewable energy solutions. We offer research and consultancy services as well as product development.

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Buildings gobble up almost half the world's energy and spew out nearly a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Making them greener is the quickest, easiest way to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Carrotmob Rules

Organizing groups of consumers to patronize a merchant en masse - as long as the merchant agreed to put a percentage of the profits toward green projects - transformed Brent Schulkin’s from activist to entrepreneur.

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This unique tool not only calculates your carbon footprint but also energy, waste, and water usage of your home and lifestyle.

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Looking for an India-based web hosting service but not sure who's best? Check out our web hosting reviews and see what the best offers are now.

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